Disable menu button android

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Disable menu button android

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Anyway, the documentation covers all the things. Once the activity is created, the onCreateOptionsMenu method is called only once, as described above. The system keeps and re-uses the Menu you define in this method until your activity is destroyed.

If you want to change the Options Menu any time after it's first created, you must override the onPrepareOptionsMenu method. This passes you the Menu object as it currently exists. This is useful if you'd like to remove, add, disable, or enable menu items depending on the current state of your application. On Android 3. When an event occurs and you want to perform a menu update, you must call invalidateOptionsMenu to request that the system call onPrepareOptionsMenu.

You could save the item as a variable when creating the option menu and then change its properties at will. How to update the current menu in order to enable or disable the items when an AsyncTask is done. In my use case I needed to disable my menu while my AsyncTask was loading data, then after loading all the data, I needed to enable all the menu again in order to let the user use it.

First, I declare a state variableif the variable is 0 the menu is shown, if that variable is 1 the menu is hidden. Then in my onCreateOptionsMenu I check for this variableif it's 1 I disable all my items, if not, I just show them all. Now, when my Activity starts, onCreateOptionsMenu will be called just once, and all my items will be gone because I set up the state for them at the start.

So, after setting up my state to 0, I just redraw all the menu but this time with my variable on 0that said, all the menu will be shown after all the asynchronous process is done, and then my user can use the menu.

This is similar to nir's answer except instead of saving each individual item, I saved the entire menu.Launched inGoogle Assistant was exclusive to Google Pixel devices initially. However, in latethe artificial intelligence powered virtual Assistant arrived on all Android devices running Android 5.

While Google Assistant is powerful and cool, not everyone is a fan of it. Primarily because it hijacks a phone's home button. It can be quite frustrating as it is common for the Assistant to pop up if you hold the home button accidentally. So if you want to disable the long press of the home button to avoid launching Assistant, we have you covered. Here we will tell you how to do that. The steps are slightly different on stock Android devices and those running other custom skins.

Let's see how to do it on various smartphones. To turn it off on stock Android devicesyou need to turn off the Assist app in the settings. Here are the steps:.

Step 3 : Tap on the Assist app option. On the next screen, you will see a list of apps with Google selected as the assist app. Choose None to disable Assistant on the home button. Step 3 : Tap on Launch Google Assistant. On the next screen, select None to remove it from the home screen.

Alternatively, you can assign Assistant to another gesture or button like back or menu button. Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and select Default apps from the menu. Step 3: Tap on the Device assistance app option followed by Device assistance app again on the next screen. Do you want to disable Google Assistant on your phone completely? If yes, then you can.

While you cannot remove the Assistant from your phone, you can surely turn it off.I mean does it keep increasing or decreasing the volume on its own? Or even worse, your Power button is broken! Your phone should have Root access in order to accomplish this particular task.

Or a free root explorer like Root browser.

disable menu button android

Now tap on Root Explorer to open the options where you got to change the Read and Write options for root files. So, now we can edit the system OS files. This folder contains all the root files. In this folder, you will have Generic. Try out the below given step first in Generic. As shown in the above screenshot. Follow the below given step carefully. To create a backup, create a copy of that file and rename it by adding. Now, open the original file and tap on edit. Then, reboot the phone.

Basically, what you did here is commented out the code line for that specific button. You have disabled your desired physical button. Let us know if the above method to disable hardware buttons worked or not. Also, if you have some tips regarding your phone specific to this topic then do share them.

You can also ask the question in our forum.However, there are significant differences between Bixby and other virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. In other words, Bixby should undergo various improvements.

If you wonder how to disable Bixby and how to turn off Bixbythis article is just for you. Many individuals want to know how to disable Bixby, especially because of the accidental presses. That means users tend to press the Bixby button accidentally pretty often, even when they use the phone.

The key reason behind this issue is the placement of the button. As you see, the Bixby key is located just under the volume button, and users tend to press it. When you touch the Bixby button, Bixby will launch regardless of what you are doing with the device. Of course, it can be annoying. Interestingly, mapping the key to open Google Assistant or any other app was not available until S If so, the directions to turn off Bixby is as follows.

If you use the above devices, the instructions you should follow are specific. That is because your device has a power button and a separate button to activate Bixby.

So, things can become somewhat difficult to get Bixby disabled completely. However, you can say that those steps are easier compared to the previous one.

So, that means it allows you to disable the Bixby button completely. Samsung may have realized the error they made by placing a separate Bixby button closer to the volume button.

They may also have realized how frustrating it is for a user when they cannot disable the Bixby button. Whatever the reason is, they have done this change, and as users, we feel more convenience with it. Well, mentioned below are the steps to do it. Now that we have provided you a description of the Bixby button. You should know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has the Bixby button turned on. That is the default setting, according to Samsung.

As per the default settings, you can activate this Bixby Home app using double press on the power button. You can use a long press on the same button to activate Bixby Voice.

disable menu button android

However, the good thing about it is that you can easily disable both of these functions. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to disable Bixby completely on your Samsung Galaxy Note As a result of this reconfiguration process, you will not bring up the Bixby by pressing the power button.

Although the functionality is disabled from the power menu, the Bixby Home will remain on the screen.

How to disable floating action button

Only then the process is completed. In fact, Bixby Voice can be disabled from the home settings of Bixby.When we install the apk the menu button hard button farthest right, beside back and home enables a menu with options for the user. We would like to disable the ability to use that button. This is being done on an ET1.

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How would we disable that menu showing when the menu button is pressed? There appears to be some options to configure the menu options, but setting that to nil does not make it disappear.

disable menu button android

Zac found the issue to be with the name of the home page. When the home page is named "index. Please don't edit the file Rho::RhoApplication as this is a shared file in the framework used by all your Rhodes applications.

This does not appear to disable the menu at all times. When we start our application where the initial startup page is not named index. When our application comes up the menu is disabled. In our sample code below, when we tap the button on screen which makes a call to through ajax to ruby the menu becomes enabled.

Let me know if there are any questions on this example. I can also email our project over as well. This will disable the menu on the ET1.

How To hide Navigation Keys On Android devices.(no root)

Skip to main content. Disable Menu Button on Android Tags:. Zac Tunstall. There appears to be some. Log in to post comments. Hector Meza. Zac found the issue to be. Gareth Lewis.

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In your app folder there is a. In your app folder there is a file named application. Here you can define what the menu on Android will look like. The following will only show the home, refresh and close items. This does not appear to. Here is an example of what we are doing. Log in.The easiest way to secure devices for business use is by locking them down to allow only intended use. Device lockdown can ensure only whitelisted applications or certain device features are allowed to function.

But none of this will be worth the effort if the end user is able to break the lockdown by simply using the device hardware keys such as the backhome or recent button. SureLock by 42Gears not only locks down Android devices into kiosk mode but now will also disable hardware keys on the Android device. Hardware keys or physical keys on a device can be misused easily to break out of the lockdown mode on a device.

They can be used to launch unwanted apps like the camera to take screenshots or videos. This can create a very tricky situation for businesses that rely on a mobile strategy to enhance their productivity. Access to unwanted apps can put confidential data at risk.

The easiest way to prevent this is by disabling device hardware keys to avoid possible security breaches, data thefts and productivity issues. But with the latest software update for SureLock, business using Enterprise Agent supported Android devices can now avail complete lockdown of hardware keys.

A certified enterprise agent is a platform-centric application designed to enhance lockdown functionalities of SureLock. Tap on SureLock Settings. Next, click on Disable Hardware Keys. SureLock completely disables hard-power down by pressing the power button for over 10 seconds on Samsung Knox devices and for other Android devices, on long press, the device will reboot instead of shutting down.

Hope it helps. If you need additional assistance, please use the live chat option on our website. Does this completely disable the hard-power down holding of power for over 10 seconds? Kind Regards.

disable menu button android

Share this:. Hi Daniel, SureLock completely disables hard-power down by pressing the power button for over 10 seconds on Samsung Knox devices and for other Android devices, on long press, the device will reboot instead of shutting down.

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When you press and hold the power button on your Android device, the power menu appears.

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While there are some tweaks you can make to your device while unrootedthis one is unavoidable. With the Xposed Framework installed, find the Xposed Installer app in your app drawer and open it.

Swipe to the left to go over to the Versions page. When you first look at your power menu after rebooting, it might look a little something like this:. Just look for the NeoPowerMenu app in your app drawer and open it. Just grab the three-line icon on the left to rearrange them, or add options with the buttons along the top. Swipe options to the side to delete them.

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The GravityBox Xposed module also includes some of these options, among many, many others that let you customize your device—like the Quick Settings menu. One of these methods should allow you to have a new and much-improved power menu. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

How to Disable Bixby Completely on Samsung Devices?

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